Shades of Whoosh!

Throw My Bones — the hit

The song kicks in with a rather simple guitar riff with a slightly (oh, the horror!) poppy flavour, played over a solid beat with that Ian Paice swing. At first, the riff seems almost pedestrian but as soon as the keyboard motif comes in and the rhythm section get their groove on, the picture comes together. The instruments gel and the pieces fall into place. It becomes Purple-worthy.

Man Alive — the epic

With crescendoing strings and a chorus of Gillans, the intro to Man Alive recalls that of Uncommon Man from Now What?! Even so, with the guitar’s different and smaller role, a more composed quality, and being only half the length, it is by no means a similar piece of music. Beyond the intro, it is a similar type of song but nothing resembling a knock-off.

Whoosh! album cover [fair use]



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Skuli Sigurdsson

Skuli Sigurdsson

Notes and musings from a misspent life. Travel. Music. Books. Films. And other good things too.