In Defence of Tintin’s Youthful Transgressions in the Soviet Union

A best forgotten sin, a different kind of classic, or a little of both?

Tintin in trouble, p. 39 [fair use]

What do You Mean “Plot”? There is No Plot!

Cover for the colour version [fair use]

Crude? Perhaps, but oh-so Fun and Effective!

Action! From p. 7 [fair use]
Tintin and Snowy on p. 2 (left) and on p. 138 (right) [fair use]

Mere Propaganda? Think Again, Comrade!

Cover for the black-and-white version [fair use]
Tintin witnesses Soviet elections, p. 34 [fair use]
Tintin and Snowy’s homecoming, p. 139 [fair use]

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